Friday, 11 May 2007

What We Do:

  • Capacity building and social empowerment in Indonesia
  • Producing films in local languages, with local people for local people
  • Looking at conservation as an effort that is equally concerned with humans and animals
  • Distributing both our own films, and those of our partners, nationally and internationally via a variety of innovative techniques
  • Assisting conservation groups across the globe in the understanding, acquisition and utilisation of 'New Media' from production technology to web 2.0


Our Work Focuses On:

  • Sustainable land management
  • Legal and traditional rights of people
  • Protection of ‘HCV’ forest
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Clean air & clean water

Before and After

Documenting Change: Central Kalimantan's forest clearance can be quickly disguised by growing new plantations - we track these changes.

Our Major Challenges Are:

  • Lack of proper policy and planning
  • The power of large companies overriding communities
  • Expansion of oil palm and production-forest monocultures
  • Habitat loss, illegal hunting and the pet trade
  • Forest and peat fires and river pollution

Devastation Panorama

How do we win the fight?

  • Film is an incredibly powerful medium in Indonesia
  • A short film can influence a key decision and make a HUGE difference


Films4Conservation film about Orang Rimba screens at the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO RT5 conference in Kuala Lumpur to 500 delegates from 28 countries.

Where are the films seen?

  • Our filmwork has a variety of outputs
  • International Television News, Printed Press and Radio
  • Outreach educational roadshows in Indonesia
  • Extensive web presence through and other sites.
  • Meetings with politicians in both the UK and Indonesia


What is our Current Reach?

  • Our unique footage and stories have reached over 90,000,000 people worldwide
  • Our films are being distributed in Borneo, Sumatra and Java by various groups including UNEP/UNESCO GAFI, social and environmental NGOs and by the palm oil industry itself
  • Individual films on our websites can reach up to 2,000 people per day
  • Parliamentary receptions mean that we can reach politicians and enter into a dialogue

UNEP Report "The Last Stand of the Orangutan"

Films4Conservation provided 50% of the photos used in the UNEP report - because of we have access to what is happening on the ground, through our extensive experience in field programs.

The Social Impacts of Forest Clearance

  • Loss of traditional land rights
  • Loss of sustainable non-timber forest industries
  • Health impacts from thick smoke for 3 months of the year
  • Reduction of household income, even in situations when plantations provide employment
  • 2% of population rely on palm oil industry, 44% of population rely on natural forest


The Environmental Impacts of Forest Loss

  • Nowhere to run for endangered forest animals
  • Indonesia is now the 3rd greatest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, only outstripped by the USA and China
  • The loss of the most bio-diverse forest in the world: 2.5 times richer than the best Amazonian forest and 1.8 times richer than the best Central African forest

Little Bigfoot on the Run!

Our Achievements to Date

Palm oil is present in 1 in 10 UK supermarket products
  • Over a two year period we negotiated to the point where EVERY major UK supermarket developed a policy of sustainable palm oil procurement, including ASDA, Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Sainsburys, Morissons, Budgens, Londis, etc…
  • Developed an industry-approved local-language environmental training package for plantation workers
  • Bridged conflicts between industry and social and environmental NGO sectors
  • Attracted new investment into conservation and sustainable forestry
  • Brought the issues of palm oil and Indonesian forest clearance to the international arena
  • Developed new conservation tools and assisted other organisations in implementing these for themselves
  • Developed a network of highly dedicated and talented local conservationists and community activists to work with, and assist them in achieving their goals

ASDA joins the RSPO

Recognition and Awards

  • Winner - FFC Conservation Filmmaker of the Year, Jackson Hole, 2007
  • Winner - Ramin Award, Wildlife Asia Film Festival 2007 for Films4Conservation
  • Awarded a Special Commendation for Best Environmental Campaign at the Bristish Environment and Media Awards BEMAs 2006
  • Finalists in the WildScreen FFC Conservation Filmmaker of the Year Award , 2006(known as the “Green Oscars”)

Conservation Filmmakers of the Year 2007

Pictured: Joe Yaggi (Co-president of FFC), Nick Lyon (Producer Films4), Evania Wright (Director Films4), Pramudya Harzani (Cockroach Indonesia)